Walnut Trophy

Price: $70.00
Type: Decorative/Award
These smaller versions of canoe paddles make great decorative paddles, or trophy paddles. Around 35-40" long, with an 8" or so wide blade, they are the real deal! -- just small versions! -- fancier versions are coming soon..... shipping costs depend on destination. I adjust accordingly -- as I process cc..

Please Make Note of any Special Customizations to Length, Width, Angle, Grip, Tip, or Shaft in the notes section of cart

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Shaft Help

I offer several different types of shafts....

Braided carbon fiber shafts are the strongest shafts, weigh about the same as the carbon fibre, and have more flex (not a lot, but more).  These won't shatter under extreme duress, as some carbon fibre shafts do. 

Carbon Fiber Shafts
 are strictly carbon fiber.    Lightweight, no flex. 

The Standard wood shaft is made from select Tulip, which all of these:  great to work with, suitably light,  very strong for it's weight, and highly durable (so if you don't like refinishing your paddle every year, it won't rot away!)
Price: $70.00