Balsa Ultralite

Price: $230.00
Type: Lightweight
Ths is a great feeling, very lightweight all wood paddle -- about 17-19 ounce w/ 9" blade.  The blade is a mixture of balsa and red cedar, with red maple banding surrounding the edges, and a phenolic, red maple laminate tip imbedded into powerface.  This is a very pleasant lookingpaddle, with super balance! The shaft is also glassed about 8-9"  up.   The blade is sandwiched between highly finished laminates of epoxied 2 ounce fiberglass.  Subtle reinforcements make this paddle very durable for such a lightweight wood paddle. A 50" blade would weigh about 17 -19 ounces.  Note: the 3rd picture is the backside of a balsa tear shaped paddle w/ 9.5" blade.  The main paddle image has carbon fibre across tip face -- I may or may not due this, depending on how straight the tip line is.   The shaft is laminated from white pine, cedar and tulip, and has a soft flex; it's also glassed from blade up around 8".  
Also,  the aim in building these lighter wood paddles is to try and keep them light.  I reinforce areas that need it with fibreglass.  I understand that some paddlers put more stress on sensitive area, and if you think you might be one of these paddlers, let me know, so I can add reinforcement. 

Please Make Note of any Special Customizations to Length, Width, Angle, Grip, Tip, or Shaft in the notes section of cart

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Shaft Help

I offer several different types of shafts....

Braided carbon fiber shafts are the strongest shafts, weigh about the same as the carbon fibre, and have more flex (not a lot, but more).  These won't shatter under extreme duress, as some carbon fibre shafts do. 

Carbon Fiber Shafts
 are strictly carbon fiber.    Lightweight, no flex. 

The Standard wood shaft is made from select Tulip, which all of these:  great to work with, suitably light,  very strong for it's weight, and highly durable (so if you don't like refinishing your paddle every year, it won't rot away!)
Price: $230.00